GIVEAWAY: American Girl’s “Saige Paints the Sky” DVD

These statements are all true:

  • I have three little girls (ages 6, 4, and 1).
  • We love to explore and discuss history.
  • We appreciate stories about strong girls.
  • We are in the habit of reading through chapter books at bedtime.

Hence, we love the American Girl books. Thus far, we’ve read through Samantha, Felicity, Molly, Josefina, and Saige. It’s fascinating to get a glimpse of different eras of history and what life might have been like for a young girl. Although I wouldn’t necessarily put the stories on the shelf next to “The Secret Garden” and “Little House,” they are very fun and full of good life lessons.

American Girl’s newest book centers around Saige, an artistic and affluent redhead from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Unlike other AG stories, this one is in the modern day. With the help of her grandma, her friends, and her parents, Saige leads the efforts to bring back art to her school, after funding is cut. An inspiring story about the power of action and the importance of creating change instead of complaining about circumstances.

Saige Paints the Sky GIVEAWAY: American Girls Saige Paints the Sky DVD

While the girls in the film are far more fashionable and wear much more make-up than the fourth graders I know (do 4th graders even wear make-up?), I enjoyed the girls’ energy about the fine arts and how they ultimately collaborate toward a big goal. “Saige Paints the Sky” is clearly a straight-for-TV movie, but it’s a sweet one with positive messages and a heroine that introverted girls will especially relate to.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, July 13 when the film will premiere on TV on NBC at 8/7c.

The DVD is also available for purchase on Amazon for approximately $12.

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  • Sandy VanHoey

    I like McKenna, least I think that is her name.

  • jalapenomama

    Favorite – Molly.
    Thank you.
    Rafflecopter name Barbara Montag

  • Noreen


  • Tabathia

    Josefina/Josephina is my daugter’s favorite

  • Audrey


  • Barbara Platt


  • Sarah Richmond
  • Debby Chandler

    My favorite American Girl is Molly.

  • Hannah M.

    My favorite is Samantha, but she was retired a few years ago. I got her for my 7th birthday, grew up with her being my favorite doll :)

  • tinareynolds

    Molly is my favorite

  • gen meredith

    mckenna the gymnanist

  • digitalvampire


  • gkran

    Rebecca is my daughter’s favorite. (Gianna)

  • jeremy mclaughlin


  • jess

    Felicity Is my fave

  • Heidi

    We love Kaya!

  • Stephanie Larison

    My daughters fave is Samantha

  • Kevin_E

    My daughter’s favorite is McKenna

  • jewelsntreasures

    I’ve always loved Felicity!

  • godan2


  • Nicole C

    My favorite is Felicity.

  • Rebecca Peters

    I always loved samantha

  • Ed Nemmers

    We heart Kit Kitteridge!

  • June S.

    Our favorite doll is Samantha, she’s so pretty.

  • colleen w

    I received a Samantha doll when I was a little girl and now my daughter has her. Really hoping for it to pass one more generation.

  • corrie

    we think samanatha is the best.

  • Rebecca Lock

    My favorite historical is Felicity and my favorite girl of the year is Saige.

  • Lisa Pecora

    I like Samantha

  • Wendy Rozema


  • Kate Kramer


  • carrie

    My little Scarlette would love this!

  • Brenda Elsner

    I like Samantha!

  • kathy pease

    My favorite is Rebecca :)

  • vanessa83

    I used to love Samantha.

  • Melissa B.

    Samantha is our favorite.

  • beth

    i like all of them

  • Belinda

    Caroline and Julie

  • Atreau

    Samantha was my favorite as a kid!