I’m Attending the 2013 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration!

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

As a travel writer, I have had the privilege to preview and review many outstanding destinations. In 2011, our family spent almost an entire year in an RV – visiting museums, theme parks, non-profits, parks, libraries, and more. Even after all of that travel, Disney remains one of our top picks for family vacations. As […]

I write


I have 17 drafts ready to go, but I hesitate to hit publish. To be honest, I’m not quite sure where I “fit” in the blogosphere anymore. I’m not a craft blogger, though I do love creating beautiful things. I’m not a food blogger, though I am passionate about making and eating good foods. I’m […]

ebook for beginning bloggers [FREE thru September 1st]


Two years ago, I released an 85-page ebook titled “Bloggertunity: A Mom’s Guide to Blogging.” It’s an introduction to blogging in a casual, conversational tone. The ebook covers how to: Start a blog Grow an audience Create captivating content Make money Review products Make a positive impact in the world Because technology changes rapidly, some […]

Girls Night Out with Colleen & Jo-Lynne


Last night, we laughed and talked a million miles a minute in Downtown Phoenixville. We talked about twitter, facebook, family, friends, movies, poverty, passion, and how to make life work. I love these girls. Colleen – with her business smarts, strong opinions, contagious smile, and impressive lungs (we went running yesterday at Valley Forge Park!). […]

Sometimes I think about changing my blog name


Sometimes I think about changing my blog name. For example, I’m not particularly “Metropolitan.” I don’t live in NYC or Los Angeles or even Chicago. Furthermore, I’m not ONLY a mom. I am a woman, a writer, a creative, a communicator, a reader, a student, a photographer, a learner, a runner, an RVer, a random […]

(remember me?)


I’m a blogger. But…I’m also an RVer (which means I’m sort of losing track of time as I spend days with my family) (which is kind of nice). I just realized that today is Wednesday and I accidentally skipped Tuesday Tours last night. Actually, we were at a campground last night without WiFi. The wind […]