Kids Gift Idea: Photofiddle


Take a picture. Send it to and they will transform it into a spectacular piece of art. Put it up on your wall and you will smile every time you look at it. Every.Single.Time. It will warm your heart and warm your house. Oh, wait. Was this supposed to be a gift idea? You […]

BEST OF 2008: Photofiddle

Home decorating is not my strongest suit. I do manage (with the help of my husband) to maintain a tidy and warm home, but the decor isn’t spectacular by any stretch of the imagination. It’s rather simple and clean-looking with a western flair. That said, I do have two favorite pieces of art…both are hanging […]

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Photofiddle

Photofiddle has been featured in the New York Times, USA Today, the Washington Post, and on Oprah’s O List…and I am not surprised. AT ALL. This company is going places and this concept is one that is destined to to make its way into living rooms and bedrooms across the country. Here’s how it works: […]